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Spiritual Sex
(sequel to the Voice From Within)


by Robert Wall Crary, Ph. D.




Written in the first person, this book provides a detailed analysis of the Creative Life Sex Force that is inherent in all of Life and, thus, in all human life. Its focus is upon the importance and methods of the conservation, generation, regeneration, and transmutation of the Creative Life Sex Force of all of humanity on this planet Earth. It stresses the necessity of balancing its polarity in the accomplishment of full physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being, in the acheivement of Spiritual Mastery, and in the attainment of the Asecension of human consciousness into the Spiritual consciousness of the Light of God. It shows its readers how to attain and maintain the positive spiritual expression of the upward flow of their creative life sex force in the process of balancing the Creative Life Force within themselves in their endeavor to attain Self Mastery and their ascension in consciousness in spiritual perfection.