Health Department 

The Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Laws must be obeyed if one is 
to enjoy the good health that is his by the divine right. Man is a four-fold being - 
body, mind, soul and spirit. Ill-health in any of its various forms is a direct result of 
the breaking of one or more of nature's (God's) Laws. Our Health Department is concerned 
not only with correcting effects in the body and mind (caused by mis-use of physical, mental, 
emotion, and spiritual laws), but also in tracing effects back to causes and helping to 
correct the condition by pointing out the laws that have been violated. What we wish to 
broadcast to all who have ears to hear is this inherent truth - that man's divine birthright 
is health and not disease and that he may, through proper training and 
application, claim his birthright.