Mental Department 

(Conscious Mind)

Every individual is by nature a Creator. The creative power of Mind is ever within us - 
waiting to be molded into form by our thinking. This is one of the most important 
Departments because it touches upon every other Department of our life. 
Our mental attitude towards any Department of our life can cause success or failure. 
Here the student is taught the results of positive or constructive thinking and the 
dangers of negative thinking. And he is taught to correct his destructive habit which 
has caused many to fail in life. The Laws governing mental creating are explained, 
which, when properly used, will produce into outer manifestation the desire and 
image held in mind. These Laws are as true in their working - 
out as are the laws of nature in the development and growth 
of the seed which is planted. We plant a thought seed in Divine Mind 
and follow the necessary mental laws for its fruition and manifestation. 

(Subconscious Mind)

These lessons explain the great power of the subconscious mind and how it can 
be contacted consciously. It is in this phase of mind that every experience of the individual 
is stored. Many times, various types of complexes, inner conflicts and frustrations, 
chronic hidden fears, and distorted ideas can be corrected, which, if continued, 
would eventually lead to a more serious condition. The subconscious mind is the 
greatest servant in the world, far more wonderful than Aladdin's lamp. 
To reach it at will is one of the greatest secrets of life. He who knows this secret 
has in his hands the keys to health, happiness and success.